Based in Ottawa Ontario The Fake McCoys bring a relaxed, fun and personal style of musical entertainment.

We are an established fully equipped light rock band trio. We play at many of the pubs in and around Ottawa and bring a mix of popular top 40 songs from 50’s to present with a few surprises for good measure. We pride ourselves on really interacting with our audience and creating a memorable and fun evening for everyone. Another thing that makes us different from most bands is our 3 part harmonies and LOW volume which suits us best for pubs where people can still enjoy conversation while listening to music. We use a smaller stage as our drummer(percussionist) does not use a drumkit. A small wood box called a cajon is all he needs.
We are available as a trio, duo or solo act as well.

Upcoming Events

Mar 29 2019
  • Royal oak solo
    Mar 29 2019    8:00 pm
    1981 St Joseph Blvd, Orléans Map

Apr 12 2019
  • Greenfields
    Apr 12 2019    9:00 pm

Apr 19 2019
  • Hurleys Kanata
    Apr 19 2019    8:00 pm