Mike Murphy  – Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica



Born in Verdun Que several years ago. Relocating to Ottawa in 1981. Mike started dabbling with guitar at age 13 but only ever played as a hobby. It wasn’t until a serious injury that left him unable to walk for a number of months that he started to play more. It was also when he started to sing. In 2006 Mike formed a few basement bands, out of that a successful duo called Mike n’ Marty was born. When Marty Vallieres was unable to continue Mike added a few more guys to create The Fake McCoys. Music humbles me and I am honored every time I get to play for someone.




My favorite guitar. A Taylor 426CE-LTD, Tasmanian Blackwood all around built for me in California in 2009. I have yet to find another that sounds like this one.

Upcoming Events

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  • 2024.06.15 OBC
  • 2024.06.22 Royal Oak Patio Party
  • 2024.07.27 Blackburn Arms
  • 2024.07.31 On Broadway
  • 2024.08.03 Glebe Central
  • 2024.08.16 Nepean Sailing Club
  • 2024.08.20 Capital Fair
  • 2024.09.13 Arley's N Nawab's
  • 2024.09.21 Blackburn Arms
  • 2024.10.11 Arley's N Nawab's