Sheldon DeCoste  – Vocals, Bass Guitar

The band’s token Maritimer, Sheldon dabbled with the bass a bit in high school, mainly because some family and friends had a band and “someone“ had to play bass. After deciding not to attend Berklee College of Music, he instead studied Business and I.T. in Nova Scotia and then relocated to Ottawa, where he started a career/family. Only in 2007 did he get the bug to pick up the bass again. This time around, he decided to learn to play it properly. Although we’re still waiting for that to happen, Sheldon does provide the Fake McCoys’ low end, both musically and vocally.

Upcoming Events

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  • 2024.06.15 OBC
  • 2024.06.22 Royal Oak Patio Party
  • 2024.07.27 Blackburn Arms
  • 2024.07.31 On Broadway
  • 2024.08.03 Glebe Central
  • 2024.08.16 Nepean Sailing Club
  • 2024.08.20 Capital Fair
  • 2024.09.13 Arley's N Nawab's
  • 2024.09.21 Blackburn Arms
  • 2024.10.11 Arley's N Nawab's